The following topics are intended to facilitate a line of research for the preparation of the paper in the Presentations activity at Univ Forum 2022. All the instructions to participate are here.

• Are online friendships authentic?

• Is there an optimal way to use social media?

• Are social clubs obsolete?

• Friendship: necessary for happiness?

• What are the challenges to deep friendship?

• How is friendship portrayed in literature?

• How do our relationships make us who we are?

• What role do the emotions play in human relationships?

• How do we foster long-term commitments?

• How do we address loneliness?

• How does mental health fare in isolation?

• Why is staying happy so hard?

• The end of “in-person”? How will post-pandemic organizations operate?

• Is it good to work from home?

• Will artificial intelligence make human labor obsolete?

• Transhumanism: A threat to plain humanism?

• Success: a matter of collaboration or competition?

• iPads in the classroom: Does technology facilitate children’s education?