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Case Competion is back

The Univ Forum, since its beginnings, has in the center of its interests work as a place of growth and personal fulfillment; but, fundamentally, as an instrument to serve others and society by making its own irreplaceable contribution. For this reason,  one of the activities carried out by the Forum, the UNIVFORUM – IESE Case Competition, is dedicated to confronting – in a collaborative and interdisciplinary manner – business cases and professional ethics from different fields, in order to learn to look closely at how the world of work and business evolves, and what its challenges ar


The Case Competition is a team competition based on an IESE type business case. The problems faced by the participants lead them to take a global approach and act strategically in order to provide a competitive solution. The solution must combine profitability, competitiveness, marketing and real entertainment with ethics and happiness.

PowerPoint  (or alternative means).

The key success factors in this activity are team motivation, creativity and reasoning and logic behind the recommended solution.

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