The Univ of the Art exhibitions is a section of the Forum designed especially for students of artistic disciplines (visual arts, performing arts, literature, Schools or Faculties of Fine Arts, Conservatories of Music, Schools of Dramatic Art, etc.), so they can present their works. In addition, it is open to students of other degrees who have created quality works of art.

Individual or collective works are accepted in the following modalities: visual arts (painting, sculpture, installations), music, theater and performing arts (in this case, besides creation, representation is accepted), literature (including poetry ), video-art/cinema, decorative arts, etc.


For the exhibition original works will be presented, and for reasons of space and time, they will be small-format works. For the original presentation of works of art there will be a maximum space and time. In the case of literature or music, works are accepted in any language, although authors are asked to provide a translation into English or Spanish for attendees.

If the works are of a greater format, duration or dimensions, they will be presented by means of graphic or audiovisual material, but there must always be an encounter with the work itself and not just an explanation, although any presentation must be preceded by an introduction of 5 minutes.

On the day of the Forum, in Rome, the admitted works will be presented in public. A jury will decide the winners, who will be given their corresponding prize.



Fifteen days before the Forum, each participant must send the graphic or audiovisual information - with its corresponding explanation - to the Coordinator (Enrique BanĂºs: ebanusi@gmail.com). The explanation can be sent in Spanish, English, German, French, Italian or Portuguese. In the case of literary or musical material, the Coordinator may also require a translation of the full text.


Along with the material, the registration form must be sent and, in the case of people who are not studying artistic disciplines, a statement from a teacher or artist supporting the quality of the work. This statement may be omitted if the author has published, exposed, represented or interpreted the work or has won a previous prize with it.

Once the delivery deadline has elapsed, the Coordinator will inform each participant, within one week, whether or not his work has been accepted in the contest.



+ INFO: ebanusi@gmail.com