The Presentations are one of the many activities held on the day of the Forum. They consist in a dialogue about the principle issues affecting the person and society of our time. They are a point of encounter for university communication. The Presentations offer an excellent occasion for both students and professors to carry out one of the fundamental purposes of every university: to be a place of encounter and intercultural exchange for students.


The Presentations aim to sensitize students to view their years of study not only as a time for intellectual growth, but also as a time for growth in one’s personal commitment to improve society. In order to participate, a student should prepare a presentation under the guidance of a professor and regarding the topic proposed for each year. The Presentation ought to be submitted in writing and then presented orally (in 10-12 minutes) in Rome on the day of the Forum.

One of the attractions of this activity is that it offers the opportunity to collaborate on a team and in a context distinct from academic and class work. The Presentations offer a space for collaboration and intellectual dialogue, in order to share one’s interests and concerns for important issues and in order to grow in awareness of one’s responsibility to improve the world and of the possible ways to contribute.

When giving the Presentation in Rome on the day of the Forum, you have the opportunity to express in speech something already studied and put into writing. You also have the possibility of making your oral presentation in English. If English is not your first language, this certainly poses more of a challenge, but it also offers a new opportunity. It is a good way to interact with university students from other countries and cultures. And one may discover that he or she has more values and aspirations in common with others than previously imagined. The questions and answers which follow the presentation are an opportunity for an enriching cultural interchange.



Read carefully the rules of participation and then register using our online form.




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